Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013

Fightmon Newsletter
The official fightmon newsletter, including technical updates, delays, and anything fightmon.


Game announcement of the week

Each week starting next week until its release, we will make a major announcement or preview of Fightmon the Game: Pluff. Next week's announcement is your attack strategy.


Fightmon of the week!


Location of the week!


Answer, fightmon of the week

Answer, location of the week

Discussion over the last month

As you may or may not know, we now have a developer's message board. We've been getting so much done, but we're not ready to release it all yet. We have over 400 posts regarding over 40 topics. Here's some of the new developments:

Fightmon the Game: Reemon canceled

We were planning on releasing Reemon as our next game, but we decided that Pluff would be a better fit.

Happy birthday to the wiki!

The wiki had its first birthday on the 28th. Although the original plan was to release the game on that date, it was canceled. For the birthday of the wiki, we announced that work had begun on Fightmon the Game: Pluff

Trackersinterfacebot will be working on the wiki

We are planning to put my bot, Trackersinterfacebot, to work. We are considering putting game statistics on a wiki page so they can be read by templates and such.


Images lost By 2years-too-young

Due to my laptop crashing, I lost all of the created unposted images and will have to start again, I'll also be updating the progress page.

Newsletter halted By 2years-too-young

The weekly newsletter may be skipped a couple of weeks here and there, but hopefully I can publish them on time.


Nothing new except for Fightmon the Game: Pluff! More details to come!


New ideas By 2years-too-young

There are currently three new fightmon ideas that are not yet added to the New fightmon ideas page. Two of them will be added hopefully soon, while the third might take longer.