Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - February 8, 2013

Forgot to post this last night, whoops!

February 8, 2013

Fightmon Newsletter
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Game announcement of the week - Attack strategy

In most games of this genre, you "fling" monsters into the battlefield. That is not the case in Fightmon the Game: Pluff. In Fightmon the Game: Pluff, you must send your monsters in waves, adding extra difficulty to attackers. The size of your waves and number of waves you can send will increase as your strength increases

Discussion over the last week

As you may or may not know, we now have a developer's message board. We've been getting so much done, but we're not ready to release it all yet. We have over 500 posts regarding over 50 topics. Here's some of the new developments:

We reached the 500 post & 50 topic mark - simultaneously!

We reached the 500 post and 50 topic mark on the same post!

We have some new ideas for Fightmon the Game: Pluff

We've got a few events for Fightmon the Game: Pluff. We'll start working on these right after we finish the main game.


New Fightmon Ideas

2years-too-young has a new Fightmon idea, so developers, please check the discussion board.