Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - February 16, 2013

Sorry this is late!

February 15, 2013

Fightmon Newsletter
The official fightmon newsletter, including technical updates, delays, and anything fightmon.


Game announcement of the week - New video

Fightmon the Game Pluff - February demo01:02

Fightmon the Game Pluff - February demo

Next week we will have a beta of the game up! It will be similar to the above video, but will have a few more features that I will put in next week.


I'm trying to "liven up" the newsletter. Here's one of the new things that we're planning on doing.

  • iggyvolz: So, 2years-too-young, how did you come up with the name Fightmon?
  • 2years-too-young: Well, I recently saw a DigiMon commercial at the time I created it and thought Digimon having a meaning, digital monsters, I made mine "Fightmon, fighting monsters" and decided to keep it recently. Although during Series 2 fightmon almost made a comeback, and I was planning on changing the name to "Tiki-mon" but then I lost interest.
  • iggyvolz: So how did you decide to take Fightmon to the internet, and how did you find Wikia and decide to use it?
  • 2years-too-young: Well, back in late 2010 I wanted to organise fightmon and actually keep track of it. I at first used a binder and drew all the fightmon on seperate pages and wrote information about each one and numbered them by their creation. I used to go to wikia's Bakugan Wiki alot and discovered I could make my own wiki and finally got around to it in 2012.
  • iggyvolz: One last question, what would you suggest to someone wanting to help out with Fightmon, either on the Wiki, or programming, or anything else?
  • 2years-too-young: Hmm, I'm not too sure... Well, It'd have to be perhaps a good artist that can draw characters realisticly to both help me with the art and characters such as Nom and such.
  • iggyvolz: And I could certainly use someone to help program. Thank you for your time.
  • 2years-too-young: Yes, we need to form a complete dev team. You're welcome.

New newsletter

We are already working on "sprucing up" next week's newsletter, so stay tuned!

Discussion over the last week

As you may or may not know, we now have a developer's message board. We've been getting so much done, but we're not ready to release it all yet. We have over 800 posts regarding over 80 topics. Here's some of the new developments:

New video release

We've been working this week on the game. The video is above.

Replacement game if under updates

We're also working on a "replacement game" if we are performing updates or backup.

Deciding where the game will be released

After some consideration, we decided just to release it on Kongregate for the initial July 10th launch. However, we're open to other websites after that! We're also looking at Facebook, Mochi Games, and hosting it on our website. Any other suggestions, feel free to contact us.


New Fightmon Ideas

2years-too-young has a new Fightmon idea, so developers, please check the discussion board.