Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - March 9, 2013

Developer's report
Announcements and discussion results:

  • New newsletter format
  • We're moving the Latest News to a blog. Stay tuned.
  • More about events (see Events Update)
  • Only 4 months left!

Technical report

  • Article names with special characters (such as '%' and '&') could prevent the media lightbox from working correctly.
  • Interlanguage links now appear in the editor's preview dialog.
  • Added some spacing to the category bar to make sure it can't collide with article content.
  • When editing MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation, one of the instructions was showing up incorrectly.
  • Videos now correctly show the 'play' icon in Monobook.
  • Tables of contents were displaying with bullets in Message Wall and Forum posts.
  • Sliders no longer render "; in the top left corner if any of the images are linked to articles.
  • Fixed some issues with accessing Message Walls while using the Monobook skin, especially the walls of anonymous users.
  • When viewing the Wikia skin on a mobile device, the link to return to the mobile skin was missing in some cases.
  • Main page diffs will now render their preview using the correct width.
  • Additional fixes for situations where deleting then create-protecting a page would give an error message.
  • Clicking links in the editor's Preview dialog will now open them in a new tab (and no longer require use of the context menu).
  • The 'Forgot your password?' link now works on Monobook.
  • Special:WantedPages will stop incorrectly listing Help and MediaWiki pages.

See here for more updates!
User rights and developer's report Nothing to report

From the editor

Did you notice our new newsletter format? Thanks so much to the Ba Sing Se Times of Avatar Wiki for letting us use this format! Thanks to all of the developers (aka 2years-too-young) who helped on this. The Ba Sing Se Times has a staff of 8 writers with a community of about 450 users (counting those who have edited in past 30 days) while we have 2 writers in a community of... 2. And we also have a major game to develop with little experience. And the other developer's weren't available, so I wrote this issue myself. So, here goes nothing!

We've got a double update for you today! The building resource is Wood and the general resource is Oil. Next week will be the premium resource and how to get it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Intro to Programming - Part I

With just over 4 months until the release of Fightmon the Game: Pluff, I have quite a bit of programming to do and would be grateful for some help. Don't think to yourself, "I'm not good at programming!" or "I don't have any money to download expensive programs." I have never spent a penny in my life on a programming software or class, and I've only been programming for a bit over a year, but I already have a good chunk out of the game. If you're just starting out, I would recommend starting from scratch. By scratch, I mean Scratch by the Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Just play around with it for a little while. This video is a good idea to try. You can pretty much look up Scratch Projects for Beginners and find tons of projects. You can also look up some of the Fightmon Scratch prototypes that we've made and re-mix them yourself!

150px-4519283.png Events Update

This space will be reserved for events. We will release an event every other month. From the 14th - 21st of a month, you can sign up for new events.

Random polls

What event or feature would you want to see first for Fightmon the Game: Pluff?

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Where would you like us to port the game first?

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