Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - March 16, 2013

A day late, sorry!

Developer's report
Announcements and discussion results:

  • Blog open
  • More about events (see Events Update)
  • Less than 4 months left!

Technical report

  • The .activity-nav header was missing from Special:WikiActivity.
  • Some interface elements for polls were not appearing in the correct language.
  • Badly formatted links would cause Chat to crash, in some cases.
  • Ogg files were not working in Monobook.
  • On pages using TabView, multiple Forum Discussions modules were being displayed.
  • Admins can now remove videos from a wiki via Special:Videos, where the delete option shows on hover.
  • All video file pages now exist locally, and videos can be removed there as well.

See here for more updates!
User rights and developer's report

  • We archived the card game forum, because we are no longer working on it. We may revive it eventually. The card game software was saved on my computer and deleted off the web server.
  • We archived the "Want to Join" forum. Anyone who wants to join can message me on the forums.
  • More info on events and alliances explained below.
  • We have a new tower! This will affect almost everything that you do in your yard, so stay tuned.
From the editor

I knew there was something we missed last week. We have an interview in here for you next week. We also have much more detailed information about events and the second installment of "Intro to Programming". We have officially started our new blog. More on all of this below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Intro to Programming - Part II

Note: This is part 2 of the series "Intro to Programming". The first part is available here. Once you are all done with Scratch, it is now time to introduce you to Stencyl 2.0 (Stencyl 3.0 is coming soon and I will describe that later). Stencyl 2.0 is a free program that is built on the ActionScript language, which creates most Flash games you see today (Stencyl 3.0 uses the Haxe language, which creates Flash, HTML5, Java, or Javascript games). For you first project, I would suggest trying out the Crash Course game. Everything you need is included in Stencyl (with a few exceptions) and the instructions are here. If you find something broken in the tutorial, check the comments or send me a message on my talk page. After you are experienced with Stencyl, you may want to try the Stencyl Jam 2013. You have until April 30th to make a game with Stencyl. It has to be original, and could win up to $250 with 1 year of Stencyl Studio (the premium package of Stencyl). I am not personally going to enter because I'm working on Fightmon (and it won't be ready in time).

On the subject of Stencyl 3.0, I got confirmation that Stencyl 3.0 free version will come out. [1]

150px-4519283.png Events Update

This space will be reserved for events. We currently have 5 events planned (for almost a year of events). The first event will begin August 1st. We will have more information as the date draws nearer.

Random polls

What event or feature would you want to see first for Fightmon the Game: Pluff?

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Where would you like us to port the game first?

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