Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - March 23, 2013

Developer's report
Announcements and discussion results:

  • Less than 4 months left!

Technical report

  • For videos that had attribution changed to "WikiaBot" in the past, the original attributor's name has been restored in most cases.
  • In Firefox, <a> was being inserted with use of some MediaWiki:EditTools functions.
  • In the category module, changing the order of categories on a page would remove all of the categories upon saving.
  • Categories included in the <includeonly> tag were appearing in category module.
  • Special:WantedProperties was not working on wikis with SemanticMediaWiki enabled.
  • Tabindex has been added to the Visual Editor's Template Editor.
  • Read More section was not showing up on all pages that it should.
  • Followed Forum threads are now listed on Special:Following.
  • The <videogallery> tag is deprecated and has been changed to <gallery> on all wikis.
  • The Visual Editor has now been enabled for all languages across the Wikia network.
  • Additional information is added to video file pages on Community Central and the Wikia Video Library.

User rights and developer's report
Nothing to report.

From the editor

We had to delay the interview by one more week, because the entire development team was busy this week. We have the final installment of "Intro to Programming". More on all of this below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Intro to Programming - Part III

Note: This is part 3 of the series "Intro to Programming". The first part is available here and the second is avaliable here. Once you are experienced with Stencyl, now try using . It lets you store stuff on their website. It is FREE up to 10,000 users. To use it, put the following block in Stencyl:
POST data (foo=bar&foo2=bar2...) to URL ( and do:
Test out all of the commands! I would love to see what you do with it.

150px-4519283.png Events Update

This space will be reserved for events. We currently have 5 events planned (for almost a year of events). The first event will begin August 1st. We will have more information as the date draws nearer.

Random polls

What event or feature would you want to see first for Fightmon the Game: Pluff?

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Where would you like us to port the game first?

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