Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - April 20, 2013

Developer's report

Technical report

  • Links to Forum Topic pages were showing as red links.
  • When using a tablet, it was not possible to close level 3 navigation menus in the Wikia skin.
  • Facebook Connect was not working on the mobile skin's login page.
  • Sign up with Facebook was not allowing users to create an account.
  • Admins can now remove videos from the wiki when removing them from the Videos module.

User rights and developer's report None

From the editor

Sorry this is so late, this has just slipped my mind for weeks. We finally have an interview in here. We have canceled our public beta. We moved our website to We now have a new article, "Comparisons to Other Games" to replace "Intro to Programming". More on all of this below.

Our premium resource is Gold. You can get by a few methods:

  • You get daily gold. We're not sure how much, but it will increase as you get on for consecutive days.
  • You get gold for good wiki edits. Spam, vandalism, or stuff that doesn't contribute to the wiki at all will not count and will result in your banning from the wiki and/or removal from this program.
  • You get monthly gold just for selecting an event. If you are all caught up on events, you get double gold that month.
  • Random mini-events can give you gold
  • You can get gold from some events
  • We might feel like giving out gold just because!

So what is gold used for? Quite a few things:

  • Trade it for other resources
  • Speed up things
  • We could, in the future, offer a beta test for a certain amount of gold.

Interview with luigiOK20, an artist for Fightmon:

  • iggyvolz: How long have you known about Fightmon?
  • luigiOK20: I think i played Fightmon: Reemon for the first time in september 2012.
  • iggyvolz: How did you find out about it?
  • luigiOK20: I was looking through the forum's when i saw a forum about Fightmon, so i played the game.
  • iggyvolz: And what did you think?
  • luigiOK20: What i liked about it was the wiki and the stroyline about everything, and that there were a lot fightmons and they all had their own storyline's, abilities etc. I liked being on the wiki.
  • iggyvolz: Thank you for your time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Comparisons to Other Games - Part I: Differences from Backyard Monsters

Note: This is part 1 of the series "Comparisons to Other Games". Although Fightmon the Game: Pluff is the same genre as Backyard Monsters, we have ensured we keep our own identity as a game and not a clone. Here are some differences:

  • We will make ours on a budget of $0.
  • Different attack styles. In Fightmon the Game: Pluff, you attack through a building (more on that in an upcoming newsletter) in waves. Every attack costs money and there is a waiting time (very small). In Backyard Monsters, attacks to yards close to you cost nothing, while farther-away yards cost more or are not possible to attack.
  • In Fightmon the Game: Pluff, monsters (or in our case Fightmon) don't die (although with new updates to Backyard Monsters, they now can be healed instead of dying.). They can be re-used. More on that in an upcoming newsletter.
  • Events are more structured. A new event comes every 2 months, giving newer users a chance to catch up in in-between months.
150px-4519283.png Events Update

This space will be reserved for events. We currently have 5 events planned (for almost a year of events). The first event will begin August 1st. We will have more information as the date draws nearer.

Random polls

What event or feature would you want to see first for Fightmon the Game: Pluff?

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