Fightmon Weekly Newsletter - June 15, 2013

From the editor

We made it through E3. Although we were 2 hours late, I dropped the connection twice, and the video was bugged up, we got through it.

2013 Fightmon "E3" Presentation08:19

2013 Fightmon "E3" Presentation

It just hit me that FTG:P is less than a month away. I've got the basic structure down, but now it's just programming each individual tower.

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Developer's report

Technical report From Wikia:

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Wide table popups will no longer lose the bold and italic text formatting of the original text.
  • Welcomes posted on message walls are now marked as bot edits. Note: this fix went live last week.
  • The Special:GameGuidesContent page will be available to admins on all gaming wikis.

Other Notable Changes

  • Shortly after the release, a script will run to convert existing YouTube tags to File pages. This conversion is already happening (as of last week) for newly added YouTube tags.
    • Attribution on the new File pages will be attributed to the user who added the YouTube tag.
    • The script's edit to the content page will be attributed to WikiaBot.
    • The upload date for the video will be the date that the file page is created (i.e. sometime this week); the result will be a large number of entries on Special:Videos with the same date noted.
    • Height values will not be considered in the conversion; Width values will be retained and the thumbnail will be displayed at its native aspect ratio.
    • YouTube tags with a height value of 30 pixels or less will not be converted to File pages, since that is an alternate method of embedding audio content.
    • Update: The script to convert all youtube tags to file pages will be run on Monday.

Select Known Issues

  • Users cannot edit their user profile header while on - please use (or any other wiki) instead.
  • A few users have reported persistent problems with JavaScript across all their browsers on specific computers recently, causing many features to break including article images. If this is happening to you, please send us a message at Special:Contact, as we are trying to identify the common cause. (We suspect there may be some particular software that is blocking an aspect of Wikia).

User rights and developer's report None

About the Fightmon API

We're currently planning at least 3 API's, 2 public and 1 private.

  • yard?username={username} - Gets the buildings & fightmon of a certain user's yard
  • put?username={username}&apikey={api key}&type={upgrade, destroy, attack}&details={details} - Does something to yard (names subject to change)
  • status - Gets the current game status (up/down). If up, how long until the game is planning to go down. If down, how long until the game is planning to go up with reason.
150px-4519283.png Events Update

The first event will be released in August of 2013. It will involve attacking someone's yard. More updates to come.

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