Dead woods

The Dying woods are the woods that almost surround Underwood. These woods consist of dead trees all around and black thorn bushes here and there. These woods are considered the scariest in all the world, especially with all the dark/ghost fightmon that live in these woods, always attacking people and scaring them away. There are many scary stories that have taken place in these woods.


In 945 CT the dying woods were discovered and many were frightened by it, because of it having so many dark/ghost fightmon wondering in it. Since then many movies and films have been created involving the dying woods.

Animal lifeEdit

Skelestorms, seeming to be the most vicious of the fightmon here.

Ghost slicers, unncommon to find usually.

Nightwings, always in the area flying or other things.

Blazers, the evolved form of nightwing and will not commonly be found here.

This will be updated eventually.

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