Here is a list of the Fightmon Wiki's emoticons.


Example Name Code
Happy Happy/Smiley {{happy}}
Sad Sad/Frown {{sad}}
Shocked Shocked/Surprised {{shocked}}
Speechless Speechless {{speechless}}

To be finished.


Example Name Code
Reemon-thumb Reemon {{reemon}}
Pluff-thumb Pluff {{pluff}}
Dragiri-thumb Dragiri {{dragiri}}
Nightwing-thumb Nightwing {{nightwing}}
Reebee-thumb Ree bee {{ree bee}}
Ghostslicer-thumb Ghost slicer {{ghost slicer}}
Hartvile-thumb Hartvile {{hartvile}}
Plantsy-thumb Plantsy {{plantsy}}
Fireebee-thumb Firee bee {{firee bee}}
Strab-thumb Strab {{Strab}}
Krabulous-thumb Krabulous {{krabulous}}
Blazer-thumb Blazer {{blazer}}
Flike-thumb Flike {{flike}}
Feniixis-thumb Feniixis {{feniixis}}
Skelestorm-thumb Skelestorm


Ghosty-thumb Ghosty {{ghosty}}
Dyesthy-thumb Dyesthy {{dyesthy}}

More will be added whenever fightmon pages are created.

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