Endless plains map
The Endless plains are a vast amount of plains that were thought to be endless. These plains have been around a very long time, since ancient times in fact. This is where the Small War took place. Many of the ancient tribes used to live here but then after the small war most of the tribes left. All kinds of ancient fightmon still live here today, like Rock-its, Riffs, and Glazes. When the tribes first created shelter here, they tried to travel all the way across the plains, but always failed because they were so vast, and the tribes thought they might be endless, this is how the endless plains were named.


This is where the small war took place and was one of the most common ancient tribe territory.


  • "Ancient fightmon" means fightmon that have been around for a long long time during ancient times.
  • There is no exact endless plains map because the endless plains are large plains of just grass.
  • There is no specific founding date on these plains because they have been around so long and didn't really need to be founded.

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