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Flike is a bug, plant fightmon. Flikes are interesting because they have leaf-like wings and their eyes rest on top of their head rather than being on its face, they also have a unique rectangular body shape. Flikes eyes when open and closed are the same color so no one knows if they are sleeping or just pretending. Flikes are small and fiesty, they never give up when disturbed. Many people that accidently bother a flike will continuously start attacking you and scratching, biting, and kicking, and sometimes many will attack one person all at once which many people have trouble stopping. Flikes originally lived in The Unnamed Jungle, but then migrated to Underwood. Some people will have flikes as pets, but this is very rare due to flikes being so fiesty.


Flike was created in September 2008, near the same time as the idea for Skelestorm and Curleaf.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Flike's health is 5.


Scratch, a scratch that is more painful because flike's claws stick real easily into skin. (Damage=3)

Bite, a typical bite attack which is not used often. (Damage=2)

Kick, a typical kick which is more powerful because of flike's strong foot claws. (Damage=4)


  • Flike is the thirteenth fightmon.
  • Flike is the third plant fightmon.
  • Flike is the first bug-like fightmon.
  • Flike is the only fightmon with a rectangular skeleton.

Name originsEdit

Flike's name origins are not known for sure but it is thought that flike might mean something the ancient tribe's language, but it is unknown what it might mean.