The Game Development Team is a special group that helps with Fightmon the Game. You can request to join here. Note that this is not an official permission, it will not be listed at Special:ListUsers and membership cannot be changed in Special:UserRights.

Current members Edit

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Programming Edit


Testing Edit

Game Developers Abilities Edit

Game developers have no official permissions on the wiki. However, they do have permissions in game development:

  • Can view game code (on request)
  • Can get beta access to other projects (e.g. websites, newsletters)
  • Can make official decisions on the game series (anything coming from these users is considered 'official' unless otherwise stated)
  • Can make announcements, newsletters, etc.
  • Can access Developer's message board.

Accessing the Game Developer's message board Edit

Note that only approved game developers can access this.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Post here with your username you are using on the message board
  3. Wait until you are approved.
  4. Login here to access the board.