This fightmon was a fightmon released for the All Hallow's Event! Pumpkin





4 ft

Year Created




Game based on this character

None currently

Ghosty is one of the most mellow friendly Dark/Ghost fightmon. Ghosties are a substance between air and solid, and to maintain their semi-solid state they need to "enground" themselves to a solid object, otherwise they will dematerialize become part of the air and die. Most typically they plant themselves into the ground where soil is hard or in desert areas. Those that want to own Ghosties provide, in most typical cases, a pot with soil in it, in which the ghosty can then enground itself into. They can also make the air they consist of lighter allowing them to float.


They are actually quite friendly and a bit devious, as they will try to trick and scare their owners or people passing by when they hide within the ground they plant themselves in and spring out. They will also float even when in their pots when domestic and most owners of ghosties will find them staring at them as they sleep. Most of their sounds consist of high pitched moaning.


Ghosty was created in August 2011.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Ghosty's health is 15


Fly by, Ghosty will fly through it's enemy which will stun and slow them temporarily. (Damage=5)


  • Ghosty is the 24th fightmon
  • Ghosty is the 6th Dark/Ghost fightmon
  • Ghosty is the only fightmon that conists primairly of air.
  • Ghosty is one of the few fightmon created by 2years-too-young's sister.

Name OriginsEdit

The scientist that discovered ghosty thought it had a resemblance to a ghot and then named it ghosty.

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