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Hartvile is a very emotional creature fightmon. Hartviles frequently fall in love and will chase around who ever they fell in love with until its too far away. Hartviles have very unique claws made out of a very hard sharp surface. Hartviles also have anntenae to help it search for its "love" and food sources. Hartviles are loved by all women because of their coloration and personality. What is kind of odd about hartviles is that they are all female so they always mate with other species of fightmon, yet whenever they give birth the babies always are hartviles.Many people don't look at hartviles as tough opponents, but hartviles do have pretty good abilities.


Hartvile was created in August 2007 just like Ree bee, Ghost slicer, and Plantsy.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Hartvile's health is 60.


Love's fall, Hartvile causes her opponent to fall in love with her temporarily and then is able to attack. (Damage=0, long-term stun)

Scratch, a normal scratch attack which is pretty strong because of hartvile's unique claws. (Damage=10)

Bite, a normal bite attack, which hartvile doesn't use very often. (Damage=3)

Daze, Hartvile activates her anntenae to daze her opponent so that she can attack. (Damage=3 + temporary stun)


  • Hartvile is the only fightmon to have the abilities "Love's fall" and "Daze".
  • Hartvile is the only fightmon that is almost constantly in love.
  • Hartvile is the only one gender fightmon.
  • Hartvile is the fourth creature fightmon.
  • Hartvile is the sixth fightmon.

Name originsEdit

Hartvile's name origin is said to be because "hart" was the way that the ancient tribes spell heart, and "vile" means to spread, in the ancient language, so when someone named her they named her in the ancient tribes language, meaning that her name basically means "the spread of love".