Mein Euigh is a place located somewhere within the ancient tribes's land. This land is very grassy and has many trees and bushes, it is similar to a very small forest. It is known that the plants and trees here can somehow heal injured fightmon.

History Edit

During the Small War a supposedly great Ancient Tribal member known as Mein Euigh was injured and then died. The other members of the Ancient Tribes then dedicated a piece of land to him, and it was then named after him. Some say they hear his spirit talking to them in times of need. And it is said that he heals all injured or ill fightmon or people that enter his land.

Animal lifeEdit


Plantsys are bright cheery fightmon that are very common to this area.

Ree beeEdit

Ree bees are giant bee-like fightmon that live primarily in this area.


Reemon are rare in this area but do live and nest here.


Hartviles live mainly in the grassy areas in Mein Euigh, and prefer to stay away from the forested area.


Nightwings are found here but are only seen at night, as they are inactive in the day.

Game StatsEdit

It is the menu of the game, hence its name, pronounced like menu. It can actually speak to the player, it is unknown whether or not it is actually Mein Euigh speaking to the player. Mein Eugh can be accessed between battles, and a smaller version can be accessed in battle by pausing the game.