Nom Th-gif is the main antagonist in Fightmon the Game: Reemon
Nom Th-gif


1008 CT






Knights of Darkfire


Fightmon, Ancient tribes

Nom Th-gif is the king of Olde Darkfire town. He is currently in the Darkfire War. Nom also has a pure hatred for all fightmon. It is unknown why Nom hates fightmon, some think that he might have been attacked by a fightmon when he was young, while some think maybe it runs in the family. Nom is not married and most likely will never be, mainly because no one else hates fightmon and Nom is unlikely to change.


Nom commonly wears a red kings robe, with a grey sweater like shirt under it, Nom always wears his crown and carries a staff. Nom also has grey hair, he has facial hair, a moustache and small beard, that is also grey.


Aggressive, angry, and full of hatred. Nom, for some reason hates anything besides humans, and he also thinks very highly of himself.


Back in 1008 CT, Nom was born as the heir to Olde Darkfire Town. He was born under the a different name, but in 1026 he changes his name to Nom Th-gif, to represent his hatred for fightmon. In 1026 Nom also took the kingdom of Olde Darkfire and at this point he told the Knights of Darkfire to capture all fightmon they could find and bring them to the prison. And this started war with those that knew that they needed fightmon for their town to thrive, but Nom ignored them, and they retaliated, which started war. Nom now threatens The ancient tribes, because they are outside of Darkfire lake, and pose a threat to his plan, so it is likely that they'll join the war against him. Nom also recently started enslaving fightmon to do his bidding for him, so far he is torturing them until they start co-operating and attacking those who are trying to help.