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Plantsy is a happy, care-free plant fightmon. Plantsys always like to graze flower fields and one of their favorite activities is to find flowers. The end of plantsy's tail is kind of like a seed packet and whenever plantsy walks some seeds may fall and grow into young plantsys, for the most part plantsy seeds fall in flower fields. People like plantsys because of their petaled faces and friendly, care-free personality. Plantsys are actually great fighters, due to their most powerful ability.


Plantsy was created in August 2007 on the same day as Ree bee, Ghost slicer, and Hartvile.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Plantsy's health is 40.


Metal petal, Plantsy turns its whole body hard and metallic, then its petals will turn to metallic spikes, and its strength will increase, but plantsy can only use this if really angered. (Damage=20 + 20% stronger abilities for rest of round)

Tail whip, Plantsy spins its body and hits the opponent with its tail. (Damage=6)


  • Plantsy is the seventh fightmon.
  • Plantsy is the second plant fightmon.
  • Plantsy is the only fightmon to be able to turn "metalic".
  • Plantsy is the only fightmon to have the abilities "Metal petal" and "Tail whip".
  • Plantsy is the first fightmon to have petals on its head, the other two are Sunplower and Sprout, there's three if you count Sun sprout.

Name originsEdit

Plantsy's name origins are unknown.


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