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250 lb


8 ft

Year created:




Game based on this character

Fightmon the Game: Pluff

Pluff is a giant tall peaceful creature fightmon. Most think that it is just a ball of fur, but it has legs and a body under the fur. They are very calm and never really like to fight, but if they have to they will. Many Pluffs will let you climb on them and they will give you a ride. Pluff's fur is used a lot, to make clothing and is very warm, soft, and easy to get, most often people that have pluffs will cut there fur, only a fraction, and put it through a process making it usable for clothing. Pluff's fur can make great jackets for visits to cold places, like Polarr.


Pluff was created in early 2006 just like Reemon and Dragiri. In fact, Pluff was made on the same day as Reemon and Dragiri.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Pluff's health is 50.


Static Shock, Because of pluff's conductive fur, anything can get shocked if they come too close. And because of pluff having so much fur it will give you quite a shock. (Damage=10)

Trample, A basic attack that involves Pluff trampling over you. (Damage=50)

On both Fightmon the Game: Reemon and Fightmon the Game: Pluff pluff's game stats remain the same.


  • Pluff is the first creature fightmon.
  • Pluff is the second tallest fightmon to date.
  • Pluff is the primary source of fur coats and clothing, as it's fur is very soft and warm and is a great use for clothing.

Name originsEdit

Pluff was named because of its fur which is known by most people as pluff.