Ree bee
Ree bee
Ree bee


27 lb


1 ft 4 in

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Ree bee is a creature fightmon that resembles a giant furry bee. Ree bee is loved by lots of people, he has a lot of weapons which make him a good fighter. Ree bees are very friendly, aren't aggressive, and make good pets. Ree bee's anntenae are often used to sense any possible enemies, some find it odd how ree bee's anntenae don't sense creatures that are not a threat. Although ree bees make good pets, you always have to be careful not to get stung, luckily ree bee's sting will not cause serious injury but it will cause you to feel very tired and eventually you will pass out. The number of stripes on a ree bee vary between ree bees.


Ree bee was created in August 2007 on the same day as Ghost slicer, Hartvile, and Plantsy.


These statistics are corespondent to both the game and in general.


Ree bee's health is 60.


Bite, a typical bite attack. (Damage=5)

Scratch, a typical scratch attack. (Damage=8)

Sting, ree bee stings you which makes you tired eventually to leave you passed out. (Damage=5+ causes you to pass out)

Anntenae beams, ree bee will fly up and his anntenae will start to spin releasing a lot of green glowing beams all around him. These beams disappear leaving no trace of ree bee. (Damage=10)

Fly by, ree bee flys by at a fast speed temporarily stunning its opponent. (Damage=2+ temporary stun)


  • Ree bee is the fourth fightmon.
  • Ree bee is the third creature fightmon.
  • Ree bee is the second fightmon to evolve.
  • Ree bee is the only fightmon to change types when it evolves.
  • Ree bee is the only fightmon to have the ability "anntenae beams".
  • Ree bee is one of the few fightmon not too well known by the ancient tribes.
  • Ree bee is the only fightmon to have the ability "sting" besides its evolvation, Firee bee.

Name originsEdit

Ree bee's name origins are unknown.