Types of fightmon1

These are all the different types of fightmon.


Plant fightmon are, of course, plant-like. Some plant fightmon are aggressive, such as Reemon, while some are friendly, such as plantsy. Plant fightmon repopulate by either reviving living roots or by using seeds. Very few plant fightmon go extinct, but if one does, scientists can find fossils and revive the species.Reemon is the first plant fightmon. Plant has been debated to be called "nature" but in the end turned out to be plant. Back when there were only two types of fightmon, plant was considered good.


Dark/Ghost fightmon are very aggressive and like to bring fear to opponents and anything else. Although you can call it both dark or ghost, there is a difference between them: fightmon like Nightwing are considered dark, because dark means they live in darkness but are not menacing, fightmon like Skelestorm are considered ghost because that means they are menacing and like to scare anything, and possibly could be undead. Nightwing is the first dark/ghost fightmon. Dark/ghost was originally going to be called dark but it then was realised that there were ghostly fightmon as well. Back when there were only two types of fightmon, dark/ghost was considered evil although, not all dark/ghost fightmon back then were evil.


Creature fightmon are really just fightmon that don't fit into any of the other types. The personalities of creature fightmon vary from each one. Pluff is the first creature fightmon. Creature was not one of the original two types of fightmon.


Fire fightmon are sometimes aggressive and are good strategists. There is only three fire fightmon so far.Strab is the first fire fightmon. Fire was not one of the original two types of fightmon.


Rock fightmon are usually very old and have been around very long. Most of the rock fightmon are ancient, and some even extinct. There are only three rock fightmon.Rock is one of the newer types of fightmon, recently created. Rock-it is the first rock fightmon. Rock is not one of the original two types of fightmon.


Ice fightmon, for the most part can only survive in arctic areas, most are either amphibious or aquatic. There are only two ice fightmon, Sword swimmer, and Capricornaqua.Ice is the newest fightmon type. Sword swimmer is the first ice fightmon. Ice is not one of the original two types of fightmon.

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