Underwood map

Circle=Town hall Grey=Welcoming building

Underwood is a small town to the east of Darkfire. Most have never heard of this small town and usually don't stop here. This small town is very interesting to some at winter time, when curleafs hang from trees and flikes fly through town hall. This small town also has the "Dying Woods" almost surrounding it. This town also has a small desert known as the "freezing desert". This town has many different fightmon in it.


Underwood on map of fightmon.

Town hallEdit

Town hall is the place where all meetings involving the citizens of this town are held, also occasionally some parties for the holidays and is also a very lively place. Some may be able to stay the night at the welcoming building, where the parties are held at winter. This hall has a large tree in the middle of it that provides a lot of shade and in the winter curleafs will hide on it.

Freezing DesertEdit

The Freezing Desert is a small desert north of Underwood. This desert is called what it is because its almost always freezing here, especially at night. In this desert you may be able to find a ghosty if you go far enough. Some people will actually live here but usually for short periods of time and inside shelter that's very warm or maybe a tent or vehicle.