Hello, I am 2years-too-young, the creator of this wiki. I'm thinking of starting a weekly newsletter (as the name implies), and I want to release this "demo issue" to see what you users think. So don't be afraid to comment and say what you like and don't like. By the way I think the name may be a little too long, so I would like your opinions on that as well. I created a layout (not a layout page) for the newsletter and just tell me what you think. By the way newsletter issues can only be edited by admins and can only be created by me, the founder.

Everything under the line is part of the newsletter's layout.

Date, year

Fightmon Newsletter
The official fightmon newsletter, including technical updates, delays, and anything fightmon.



Fightmon of the week!

Example names of fightmon to guess what the fightmon of the week will be. (answered in next issue)

Location of the week!

Example place names to guess what the location of the week will be. (also answered in next issue)

Answer, fightmon of the week

This answers the last issue's "fightmon of the week" quiz. (not included in first issue)

Answer, location of the week

This answers the last issue's "location of the week" quiz. (also not included in first issue)

Featured User

Once a month a featured user is chosen and a speach is written on how they have helped this wiki. (only once a month)

Lists announcements involving the wiki and game progress.


Lists all delays.


Lists all game development updates. This is primarily going to be edited by Iggyvolz, the user in charge of making the game.


This lists any updates involving the fightmon creatures, like new evolvation ideas and other things involving the creatures.

If you ever have any updates you heard about or anything just leave a message and then it will be added to the next issue. Also, there are two editing days where admins can edit the page before it can not be added and will have to be in the next issue.