April 28, 2012

Fightmon Newsletter
The official fightmon newsletter, including technical updates, delays, and anything fightmon.

Sorry that the newsletter was late on being created this week, the creator of it didn't have time to create it on Thursday.



Fightmon of the week!

Who will be the next fightmon of the week: Ree bee, Pluff, or Flike?

Find out in next week's issue!

Location of the week!

What will be the next location of the week:

The Unnamed Jungle, Endless plains, or Experiment Beach?

Find out in next week's issue!

Answer, fightmon of the week

This week's fightmon is Krabulous!!!

Answer, location of the week

This week's location is Polarr!!!

Credits By 2years-too-young

Now we're adding the names to those who have privided information to this newsletter so that everyone that has provided gets credit.

(if you have your own info to add and your an admin, you can add the credit)

New Day By 2years-too-young

This newsletter is now going to be created weekly on Fridays.


New Fightmon By 2years-too-young

The new fightmon that was going to be added to the New fightmon ideas page that was announced last week, are going to be delayed shortly due to a small problem with the drawings, but this will be resolved soon.



Fightmon the Game: Reemon will start to be created on Kongregate, but we have recieved some criticism, yet we stay cautiously optimistic.


None currently.