May 4th, 2012

Fightmon Newsletter
The official fightmon newsletter, including technical updates, delays, and anything fightmon.

Sorry, this issue will not have many updates or delays (unless an admin has any) because not much has been happening recently.



Fightmon of the week!

Who will be the next fightmon of the week:

Ghost slicer, Nightwing, or Plantsy?

Find out in next week's issue!

Location of the week!

What will be the next location of the week:

Suckerfish Campsite, Dying Woods, or Darkfire Prison?

Find out in next week's issue!

Answer, fightmon of the week

This week's fightmon is Flike!!!

Answer, location of the week

This week's location is the Endless Plains!!!

====Fightmon Progress By 2years-too-young ====

The progress of fightmon pages, and other things fightmon are improving, and, since fightmon images are being created more quickly, more fightmon pages will be created soon.


The Weekend By 2years-too-young

This weekend no work will be done by 2years-too-young, as he will be very busy then.


None currently.


None currently.