November 17, 2012

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Fightmon of the week!

Skipped, sorry :(

Location of the week!

Skipped, sorry :(

Answer, fightmon of the week

Answer, location of the week

I'm back! By 2years-too-young

I'm finally back after my laptop broke and I will now start to re-construct the fightmon images and help with game development.


Images lost By 2years-too-young

Due to my laptop crashing, I lost all of the created unposted images and will have to start again, I'll also be updating the progress page.

Newsletter halted By 2years-too-young

The weekly newsletter may be skipped a couple of weeks here and there, but hopefully I can publish them on time.

Fightmon and location of the week skipped By 2years-too-young

This week has been pretty hectic for me, and I'm just getting back to the wiki, so I've decided to skip the quizzes for today, sorry.


Production resuming By iggyvolz

I am resuming production on the game. I am hoping to get another level up within a week, a full multiplayer/mobile game by January (see below)

HTML5 game coming soon! By iggyvolz

I make the games using Stencyl, a Flash game development program. It is being updated soon with HTML5 support! That means you can also play on your iPod/iPad/Android. This is not under our control, but I'll post in the newsletter and my blog when it is released. Joysticks will be used instead of arrow keys. However, it is difficult and pointless to put in a save game in HTML5 and then delete when Multiplayer comes, so it will only be a demo until Multiplayer releases and save games will be hosted online (see below). For more information, see this blog post.


I have found a free multiplayer server (up to 10,000 unique users per month, if we make it past that point we're golden). It is called, and it is rather simple to put in. My goal is by the end of January. For more information, see this blog post

New video & Legendary Fightmon Corr

Fightmon the Game Reemon November 2012 prototype

Fightmon the Game Reemon November 2012 prototype

I actually thought of an idea while I was making this. Every time you defeat an enemy, they are added to your multiplayer army. You can "storm" castles and get points towards Corr. If you get, say, 1,000 points, you will get Corr. Corr picks any move from any fightmon at random and does it. Corr also gives you access to the Corr Legion, where you fight the final boss. For more information, see this blog post.


New ideas By 2years-too-young

There are currently three new fightmon ideas that are not yet added to the New fightmon ideas page. Two of them will be added hopefully soon, while the third might take longer.