I can't believe it's almost 2013! It seemed like it was just yesterday I found Fightmon, it's almost been a year since the project started. Starting on December 29, we will start to keep track of edits and subscriptions (we would start January 1, but the week goes Friday-Thursday so I can mark down the edits over the weekend), and starting January 27, you can vote for your favorite users, pages, and fanons for the Fightmon Wiki Awards. The winning users will get rewards in-game (I hope the game will be up by then, if not we can just mark them down). Speaking of late January, if you'll take a walk down memory lane with me, you'll se the wiki started on January 28, 2012. Since that lands on a Monday, we will have Fightmon-Mania the previous weekend. Make sure you edit as much as you can that weekend! In other news, FTGR (Fightmon the Game: Reemon) is coming very soon, we're hoping for end of January but it'll be a stretch.