To view the final demo of Fightmon the Game: Reemon, go to its page and you will be able to fire thorns and move to avoid Dragiri charging at you. However, here are some things that were not avaliable for the demo's release, but will be avaliable for the full version (in 8 days):

  • Charging
  • Save progress
  • Fighting against diferent enemies, with different speeds and healths.
  • Adventure through the lands of Fightmon

You can get 10 lives each week, and get additional lives for editing on Fightmon Wiki:

  • 5 lives for making at least one edit
  • 7 lives for being between the 1st quartile and median number of edits (see psychology wiki's definition of quartiles)
  • 9 lives for being between the median and 3rd quartile
  • 10 lives for being above the 3rd quartile

Note: Bots, whether flagged or unflagged, are not eligible for lives.
To link your account to Kongregate, just visit to get instructions (you will need a Kongregate and Wikia account, and you must get your User ID from Kongregate, if you do not know it, it will be included in the game. Or, you can make a forum post on Kongregate and hover over your post count, the number before /posts will be your ID #). I look forward to seeing you try out the game! Iggyvolz 15:58, June 19, 2012 (UTC)