It's called and it's free with no ads for up to 10,000 users per month (10,000 unique people, regardless of how often they play). I think that will be sufficient, if we get more than 10,000 people to play this game, I'm sure we'll get a sponsor. We will still host our game on Kongregate, we will just add some simple code to our script. I think we should make some sort of goal, for example if we get 1,000 total gameplays, we will release multiplayer (we'd have to make the game better of course to get that many). For example, I've made a quick demo that gets the server response time. (It's a little slow, about 1.35 seconds, that means that there will be a lag of 2.5 seconds back-and-forth, meaning both parties could not play at the same time)
Example script