Fightmon the Game Reemon November 2012 prototype

Fightmon the Game Reemon November 2012 prototype

Here's a breakdown of the video:

First attack

Pretty standard, they try to dodge but you take them out. Nothing new here.

Pluff's first attack

Pluff missed. You counterattack. This could be what sets us apart from games like Pokemon. I haven't actually confirmed this with 2years-too-young yet, but it's just an idea. In the video, this lands less damage than an actual hit. I haven't decided how much damage a counterattack would land compared to the real deal.

Pluff faints

This is really different. After you defeat an enemy, you can use them in multiplayer battles. I'm thinking they will control themselves, so it wouldn't put a huge lag on the server. You would "storm" a castle (or something to that effect) of another user. If you won, you would get one point towards the legendary fightmon Corr. (I'm just throwing ideas out here) Corr is a very unique fightmon. He picks a random move from any Fightmon and uses it (this will be a nightmare for programming). More importantly, Corr gives you access to the Corr legion where you can fight the final boss (not saying who yet!). You have to "level up" your Corr by doing something (not sure what) to access deeper levels of the Corr legion. At the deepest level is the final boss of the game. After beating the boss, that is only the beginning...

Any comments? Iggyvolz (Talk) 02:56, November 17, 2012 (UTC)