I am starting programming on the game. I've been putting it off for a while because i've been busy, but I'm ready to start. The next week or so won't look very promising for multiple reasons:

  1. I won't release a new demo every day (I'd spend the majority of my time packaging them up), and I won't often release them publicly, just to game devs.
  2. The game won't have very good imagery. Images are basically thrown into the game. Right now, it's not about how the game looks, it's about how it works. We'll worry about the looks later
  3. Bugs. Everyone hates them. But I won't really be focusing on fixing them soon unless they completely prohibit playing the game.

But just know that I'm working on this as much as I can. I hope to get a functional version by the end of the year, and post the finalized game by the end of January on the wiki's birthday.