In fightmon there are two different worlds, "Fightmon world" and "Real world". Here is some information on them:

Real world Edit

The real world is our world, people in fightmon or fightmon themselves do not know about this world, its not like a different planet, it just means the real-life meaning. Series' are not known by Nom Th-gif or other characters, it is just what us, in the real world, refer to meaning periods of time that fightmon were created.

Fightmon worldEdit

The fightmon world is the world of fightmon, this is not a different planet. Whenever a page says "Fightmon world" it means that's how people in the fightmon world know things. Also, fightmon represent animals in this world so, just like with our world all fightmon were basically created at once unless the fightmon's page says otherwise.

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